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Penelec WARM Program


The WARM Program is a free weatherization energy education program for First Energy's (Penelec) residential customers. Applicants must meet income guidelines, have electric heat or electric water heat, and average 541 KWH per month or greater on electric bills. Referrals provided by Penelec.


Depending on how much electricity you use each month, the WARM Program could provide you with energy-saving home improvements such as:


  • Attic and/or wall insulation

  • Caulking and weather-stripping

  • Refrigerator/freezer testing and possible replacement

  • Electric water heater inspection

  • Energy-saving light bulbs


The specific improvements that you are eligible to receive will be determined during your home energy evaluation. No payment is required for these installations/services.


Follow-up period: 1 year tracking period


Contact Person:


Dana Wood
(814) 665-5161 Ext. 121 


For more information please click the link below to direct you to the WARM portion of First Energy's website.




Income Limits Summary:


All income must be totaled by *GROSS amount received* (before taxes or deductions)


Persons                 200% of poverty

                              (Annual Income)


1                           $30,120.00

2                           $40,880.00

3                           $51,640.00

4                           $62,400.00

5                           $73,160.00

6                           $83,920.00

7                           $94,680.00

8                           $105,440.00

For Each Additional Person add $10,760.00


*Income Gudelines are subject to change


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