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Housing Choice Vouchers Program (Section 8)


The Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program is actually a three way partnership between the Housing Authority, the landlord and the tenant.  The Housing Authority inspects and qualifies privately owned rental units for subsidy. The qualifying family selects their own rental unit providing that it is suitable for subsidy with the Housing Authority.


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Public Housing Program

The Public Housing Program provides subsidized housing to qualified low-income families, senior citizens and persons with disabilities. The Housing Authority owns and manages approximately 120 rental housing units in Erie County and 75 in the City of Corry.


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Additional Subsidized Housing Projects


Similar to the Public Housing Program the Housing Authority also manages two Section 8 Subsidized Multi-Family Facilities located in Albion, PA and Corry, PA.


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Weatherization Assistance Program


This is a Free Weatherization Program Funded through the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED). Weatherization provides assistance and energy education to low income owners or renters who are occupants of housing units that are in need of improvements to reduce energy usage.


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Penelec WARM Program

The WARM Program is a free weatherization energy education program for First Energy's (Penelec) residential customers. Applicants must meet income guidelines, have electric heat or electric water heat, and average 541 KWH per month or greater on electric bills. Referrals provided by Penelec.

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