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Weatherization Assistance Program


(Available in the County of Erie Only)


This is a Free Weatherization Program Funded through the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED). Weatherization provides assistance and energy education to low income owners or renters who are occupants of housing units that are in need of improvements to reduce energy usage.


These Services Include:


  • Caulk/Weather-strip around windows

  • Weather-strip around outside doors

  • Reglaze windows

  • Insulation wrap around exposed pipes

  • Insulation in attic & sidewall area(where applicable)

  • Safety Check on Heating Unit and Hot

    Water Tank


The Weatherization Program is open to homeowners as well as renters. The eligibility requirements are as follows:


  • Provide income verification, ownership verification, and verification of heating fuel/utility responsibility.

  • Structure to be weatherized must be in reasonably good condition.




  • Written permission of the owner or authorized agent is obtained AND

  • No less than 66% (50% for duplexes and four-unit buildings) of the units in the building are eligible dwelling units, or will become eligible dwelling units within180 days under a Federal, State, or Local government program for rehabilitating the building AND

  • Witnessed agreement signed by owner and tenant that rent increases or eviction will not occur within 18 months due to weatherization services AND

  • No undue or excessive enhancement occurs to the home value.

  • No furnaces or hot water tanks are covered.


Income Limits Summary:


All income must be totaled by *GROSS amount received* (before taxes or deductions)


Persons                 200% of poverty

                              (Annual Income)


1                           $30,120.00

2                           $40,880.00

3                           $51,640.00

4                           $62,400.00

5                           $73,160.00

6                           $83,920.00

7                           $94,680.00

8                           $105,440.00


For Each Additional Person add $10,760.00


*Income Limits are subject to change


  • Income at or below 200% of poverty as established by Office of Management and Budget OR

  • Received cash assistance under Title IV or Title XVI (SSI) at any time during the 12 preceding months OR

  • Eligible for Assistance Act of 1981 (providing this is at least 125% of poverty level)

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